Be Prepared – The Last Date For Your GMAT Application Has Been Routed!

When I applied for and took the GMAT test in January of this year, I wanted to know if there was a “last day” to file my application. Being an avid student, I know that the testing institute will not accept your application until the end of the testing day. So how can I get it over with? I asked myself, “What happens if I don’t apply by the last date?” Below are some ideas I came up with:

I. Determine My Orderly Test Date. Once you determine your test date, you are still not on the road to having your application approved. But you do have the ability to ask for a last day extension. You may not be able to request an extension, but keep in mind, if your application is rejected, you have almost certainly been rejected on a permanent basis, so it wouldn’t hurt to request an extension.

II. Pick My Plan. I did not apply to the test prep company because I felt they would not offer me the best value. But I also did not want to have to take my GMAT exam application and then wait until the last minute to take the test. I like to know my options. I have learned that I can apply for an extension for GMAT test preparation at any time.

III. Get All of My Paperwork In Order. I was so excited when I found out I could extend my application deadlines. I was even more excited when I discovered that I could request an extension and get all of my paperwork in early. I was even more excited when I discovered that I could request an extension and get my applications sent out three or four days before the actual test.

IV. Get Started Now. I made the big decision to start studying immediately. The first few days were a blur. I really didn’t know which questions to focus on, where to study, or how long to study for each section.

V. Start Practices. I started practicing the GMAT as early as possible. I knew that I had to pass the test the first day. I also knew that I would have to study for multiple hours per day if I was going to complete the application in time. So I worked really hard on all of my practice tests. And I kept my promise to myself that I would take the GMAT test on the last day of May.

VI. Pass The Test. I dropped the ball by waiting until the last minute to purchase my GMAT study guide.

I did not wait for my application to be rejected. Instead, I bought my own GMAT study guide and began studying for my test the first day of May. I did not sleep a wink the night before, but I kept my promise to myself and followed through on my promise to myself. Then I got up on the last day of May and completed my application in record time. I’m still waiting for my transcript from last year’s GMAT to come through the mail!

VII. Get It! I went through my application, crossed off one of the boxes that indicated that I passed, and started working on my binder right away. I had so much work ahead of me, that I could not afford to let any paperwork slip through my hands. I wrote every question you can think of down, and I even wrote a couple that I did not recognize. Within a week I had all the required paperwork ready to go.

VIII. Test! Well, it took a little more work than the application process, but I took the GMAT test in a matter of minutes. Once I scored the highest possible score, I naturally became very excited and wrote my very best in my evaluation notebook.

IX. Accept My Test! On the last day of May, I received a call from my advisor. He informed me that I had passed the test with flying colors and would be receiving an invitation to take the GMAT test the following month.

X. Yes! I applied for and received an invitation to take the GMAT test the very next day after I got my GED. By taking the GMAT test as early as possible in May, I was able to maximize the time I had left over each day to complete my GMAT study material and complete the remaining practice tests and other last minute preparations. This saved me hundreds of dollars and a ton of stress.