Can You Really Apply Those GMAT Prep Methods If You Are Over AGE?

If you have decided that taking the GMAT is something you want to do to improve your chances of getting into a better graduate school or business school, but you’re still under the age limit for taking the exam, then it’s time to turn to more affordable and convenient options. You may already know that you can take the GMAT online, but what about taking it right from the comfort of your own home? Don’t worry – this isn’t just a myth. Companies large and small are lining up behind businesses like yours in order to help you take your GMAT examination online.

Let’s start with the big guns. There are now several fully accredited tutoring websites that will offer you one-on-one instruction from some of the best GMAT tutors around. You’ll get one-on-one instruction from exam expert tutors who have a real understanding of the material and who will pass your GMAT with flying colors. There will also be tons of practice questions and mock exams to give you an edge over other students who have chosen not to take the GMAT with a tutor.

Now, if you really want to avoid having to wait until you turn twenty-one to take the GMAT, you could consider taking your exam online at any age. However, there are a few catches here. For one, you’ll have to make sure that you are legally able to take the exam with your current license in hand.

What’s more, the GMAT examination is offered only once a year. So, if you are seriously considering taking the exam – whether you’re old enough, or not, you might want to consider putting the “hobby” aside and concentrating solely on taking the GMAT. There are plenty of legitimate reasons for doing so. You may have made up your mind about taking the exam because of a bad grade on a GMAT test, or because you really wanted to take it but weren’t sure if you could pull it off. In any case, it can’t hurt to give the exam a try, either.

However, if you are seriously thinking about taking the GMAT, then you need to be sure that you’ve gotten the necessary GMAT preparation needed to help you succeed. This means getting an official GMAT study guide. Keep in mind, however, that many GMAT preparation guides are simply rip-offs designed to take your money. Don’t let yourself fall victim to these scams. Instead, use a guide that has been produced by well-known, experienced great test-takers who know the secrets that the GMAT test writers don’t want you to know.

Furthermore, if you’re really serious about taking the GMAT, then you should make a habit of scheduling a time every day (a “time” that works for you) when you’ll do a full GMAT review and practice section. Don’t set a schedule until you’re sure that you’ll have enough time to devote to the task. Remember, a full review usually requires that you devote about three hours of study time. If you can’t commit that much time to a review session, then you might be better off postponing it for another day.

The last thing you should do is to get a solid grasp on all of the topics that you’ll be covering on GMAT. You’ll probably have some areas that you’ll need additional information, so get those questions first. Then, study those questions. Make sure you understand the concept behind the question and the proper procedure in answering it. Studying well before the test will also help you feel more confident during the exam, and you’ll likely get a better score in the process.

So as you can see, there really is no age limit on taking and passing the GMAT exam. However, don’t assume that you can’t apply the tips mentioned above if you’re under age to take the exam. That said, you do risk suffering from bad scores if you don’t take a look at this information now.