Cost of GMAT Exam in India – Is it Affordable?

The cost of a GMAT study material is the main factor that prevents many from joining the GMAT process. They feel that it will cost them too much. It is actually a completely different story! If you are able to get hold of a good bargain then it is possible to buy your test prep materials on a budget. As long as you keep a close tab on the prices offered by various vendors, you can manage to score great bargains. You will be surprised at how affordable the test preparation materials are.

The test is a gateway to success in a competitive global market. This is why the GMAT score is an integral part of the entrance criteria for most MBA programs. The GMAT score is what indicates the level of success that you will experience in the interview stage. Therefore, this exam is regarded as one of the most important and indispensable MBA entrance requirements these days. It is therefore imperative that every student devote time and effort to preparing for the exam.

There are several ways in which you can study for the exam. Some prefer group training sessions, whereas others prefer individualized study plan. In case of the latter option, a student needs to ensure that he/she devotes ample time to each section so that he/she is able to digest the test properly. Group training is known to be beneficial when a large number of students take the exam.

One of the best ways to study for the GMAT exam in India is to opt for the test prep packages. These packages contain mock test papers, practice test questions, full GMAT test guide and full review course. Apart from all this, the cost of a study package is not very high. Hence, it makes it easy for a number of candidates to opt for it.

The test prep packages also act as an actual mock test session. During these mock tests, a candidate will be able to pass the test under simulated testing conditions. This helps the students to perfect their knowledge and skills on the basis of the real test. Moreover, you can take a mock test at any reputed center of learning. The test prep materials should be made available to you free of cost along with your admission kit so that you are able to test yourself. So, the entire process of the test-taking experience becomes hassle free for you.

However, in case you want to test yourself in a traditional classroom, then the process may be a little bit tedious. Since you are required to spend considerable time in a classroom, you cannot opt for a test-prep package, as this will consume a lot of your valuable time. Hence, if you are a full time student, you will have to spend substantial time in a classroom, which may not be possible. In such situations, it becomes essential to choose a testing centre that provides online study process. With the help of internet, you can access the free test preparation material, which acts just like practice papers in a traditional classroom setting.

Another major advantage of online practice test is that it helps in preparing for every question in a better manner than you could do in a traditional classroom. For instance, if you are preparing for the GMAT test, you will definitely have to spend more time in answering questions. This is because the size of the group of exam takers is quite large and there is a possibility that someone will miss the question or it may be a very complicated question. By the time the question is being answered by the group, someone will have understood the question. Hence, by the time you are making an attempt to answer the test, you will definitely understand the content of the question.

Once you have made the decision to study for the GMAT exam in India, you need to find out about the test fee. Usually, the test fee is around $100 per test, which is quite expensive for students from the West. If you are an engineering student, you can definitely afford this test fee, which is not impossible for most students. You must try to get as much information as you can about the process of taking the GMAT exam in India and choose the best preparation method, which will save your time and money.