Discounted GMAT Exam Fees in Canada – How to Save Money and Get Your Certified GMAT Study Package

My experience with getting the GMAT Exam fees reduced when I enrolled at a local college is that they were never upfront about how much they would charge me. I asked a lot of questions and was referred to several departments that would make assumptions and not be very specific with their answers. I was eventually charged more than $1000 for the entire test from one office. What I learned about this process is that there are several different types of companies that offer these test fees. There are also different types of people that will do the work for you to get you through your GMAT Exam fee.

When I was looking to reduce my test fees, the first thing that I did was to find a website that provided a list of local professionals that could help me with my GMAT test. I actually found two websites within a 15 minute drive of each other that offered the same service. Once I got the names and phone numbers of the professionals who helped me, I booked an appointment with one of them on the same day that I scheduled my actual test. The person that I met with was able to secure the testing site and get me into the testing room a few minutes before the test was to start.

From the time that I got into the testing room and immediately started taking the test, I got a good idea of what I was up against. First, I realized that I was being charged a local fee, which was significantly less than the fees that I had been charged by the local testing site. It also didn’t help that the local site had provided me with a breakdown of costs for the entire test that I should have made sure to get prior to booking my appointment. Some other important things that I learned about this process is that most people that take the GMAT consider it to be an academic test and do not pay attention to the type of format that they are in. They were caught off guard by the actual structure of the test and were unprepared to be fully ready to take it.

The next thing that I learned about GMAT test fees in Canada is that most people consider that they are paying these fees out of pocket when they really shouldn’t be paying anything out of pocket at all. In many parts of Canada, the local board of examiners require potential applicants to pay a certain portion of their fees upfront as a registration fee. This ensures that the local board is getting the fees from prospective applicants, and not individuals looking to save money. Although most local examiners do require some amount of money upfront, it is certainly worth paying that small fee if you are planning to take the GMAT.

As far as how I prepared for the GMAT, the process that I followed to prepare for the test was just like studying for any other type of exam. I went to the library and read plenty of review material, and actually purchased a couple of books that focused on test-specific topics. I also spent a significant amount of time online reading reviews and blogs written by those who have studied the GMAT before. I focused on what areas I needed to improve on and worked on those areas until I came out with a score that qualified me for the GMAT test. I don’t necessarily recommend going through the process of getting GMAT exam fees in Canada this way, but it is certainly one way to reduce costs.

Once I got my score, I contacted the local board and asked them if they had any way for me to get fee reimbursement from the testing site. They told me that they did have a method for fee reimbursement, but that the method wasn’t available to me because I wasn’t a Canadian citizen. I would have to go to a U.S. university to register for the exam. I asked if they could send me an application and cover me for the fee, or if I would need to cover the fee myself. A few days later, I received a response from the manager of the testing site stating that I would be able to get the fee reimbursement that I was entitled to because my status was Canadian.

It really took a lot of work to be able to reduce my cost for the GMAT fee. I would definitely recommend that anyone who’s preparing to take the GMAT take advantage of this option. If you’re not a Canadian, the chances of you getting a reduced fee are slim to none, but it does exist. If you’re currently a U.S. citizen or are planning on studying outside of the United States, it may make sense to take advantage of the fee reimbursement program in order to pay for the costs associated with the GMAT.

I highly recommend that everyone take advantage of the opportunity that exists with free GMAT examination prep courses. They’re a great way to learn a lot about the different strategies that people like me use to gain an edge on the examination. Best of all, the practice tests that you will get at the end of each course will really help you hone your ability to understand the exact questions that will be on the exam. The more of these questions that you can answer correctly, the better your chances of scoring high marks on the actual exam. Don’t underestimate how much of a difference this will make in the process of achieving your goals.