Does GMAT Has Negative Marking?

“How does GMAT have negative marking?” This is a common question among students. I wish it were easier to give an answer to this question, but I don’t know the answer. In spite of having been in the study of college entrance for over thirty years, I have never encountered an entrance exam that had any negative marking associated with it. The only possible explanation for this is that the test makers want you to take the entire test! The only way they can determine this is by counting the number of questions on each section and using a special statistical method to determine your “passing” or “skipping” percentage.

You may be tempted to attempt to manipulate the test makers by taking the fast track to your preferred score. This might seem like a good idea if your main goal is to become the best educated consumer on the market. However, there are serious drawbacks to rushing through the GMAT score you desire. First, it is extremely difficult to study for every single section with only a few days or weeks before the exam.

Secondly, the short time frame makes it very difficult to study with a full concentration and focus necessary for optimum performance. You will find yourself easily distracted and pulled in to other things while you try to study for the GMAT tests. Your study time schedule will need to be carefully planned out. You can’t study for two different GMAT tests in six weeks or less. You will need to plan your study time with a full understanding of your testing schedule and exam date. Only when you understand all these things can you truly benefit from the time you allot to study for the exam.

If I were to suggest a shortcut to answering the question: “Does GMAT have negative marking?” I would suggest students take their GMAT examination online. It is my opinion that online testing provides the best preparation and allows you to get a full grasp of what you are going to face on the test day.

So, how do I prepare myself to take my GMAT examination online? I first try to stick to a strict time limit on my studying. I ensure that I am at least an hour away, if not two, from the computer, and try to study no more than three days ahead of time. This way I am ensuring my mental sharpness, I am sharp as a tack and I can be at my most focused while I am trying to answer questions on the test.

Secondly, I make sure that I am in the best psychological condition possible before taking my GMAT examination online. I go through my daily practice GMAT study routine and cross-examine my answers each night with an official GMAT tutor. This way, I can spend the last few hours of my day focused solely on answering the test.

Thirdly, I also take a look at the speed of my progress during examination time. By setting a time limit on how long I plan to take each section, I can better manage how I am going to proceed with my answer selection and how long I plan to spend on each question. By setting the time limit, I am able to determine which questions I am going to breeze through quickly, and that I will need to spend more time reading and answering. This way I am making sure that I am spending my time efficiently with my online GMAT examination.

My final tip for those who plan to take their GMAT examination online is to study a little each day. Yes, the old time-proven method of a heavy study schedule and then a light run has all been proven ineffective. However, I feel that you must keep up your studies as well. If I am not prepared to spend five or six hours studying for each test, then I will not be ready to take my GMAT examination online with confidence. Keep this in mind and you will do well when taking the GMAT test online.