GMA Test Registration Dates Are Set to Change

Bosch and GMAT test registration dates are in the news again. Last month, I read in the newspaper that Bosch had changed its registration software. Now, instead of using paper registration cards, students must use smart cards. Is this a step in the right direction? I certainly hope not, as I believe using plastic cards is a better idea. In fact, I think it’s a brilliant idea.

Bosch is a global leader in manufacturing high quality musical instrument components for the recording studio as well as the stage and concert arena. Last year, Bosch introduced “The New Path,” a new cutting-edge program that incorporates digital technology with traditional sheet music production techniques to produce professional results. The key goal of the program was to reduce the burdens on students of all ages who need to conduct their GMAT test in an organized, controlled environment that provides all the elements they need: preparation, testing, scoring. This program was developed by several key members of the band, including Les Clark (guitar technician), Todd Schlomer (bassist/singer), Tim Bluhm (keys player/concert singer) and myself. Todd and myself are regular GMAT Test registration date participants.

Last spring, Bosch launched a new program called “Campus Preparation.” This program allows students to take their GMAT test in a convenient and enjoyable setting. Students can study at their own convenience at the campsite or in the comfort of their cars. The campsite is located at Camp Pendleton, near Lake George NY. We camped at the famous Camp Pendleton campground for four days last summer.

The campsite is set in the piney forest near Lake George NY. Our campsite was about three miles away from the GMAT test center at the University of Phoenix. The lake breeze and the gentle wind made it relaxing to our ears. The atmosphere at the camp was just like a real college environment with its own atmosphere and feel.

Our family took a week long camping trip to a beautiful and serene campground in New Jersey. The scenery was beautiful with lots of hills and valleys. The weather was perfect for a camping vacation. The campsite itself had many comfortable and clean private cabins. The food was delicious, the service was excellent, and the people in our community center were extremely helpful.

When our week was over, we each received a raffle ticket for a plane ticket to New York City. After winning the raffle we all decided to spend some time at the GMAT Test Registry. I have to admit that I was skeptical of how easy it would be to navigate the site and navigate my way around the hundreds of tabs. I had read other reviews of the software online, but I figured that if the person who wrote the review had used the software she could probably help me.

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