GMAT Exam Grading Problems? How I Made Huge Improvement

I’ve had my share of problems getting through the GMAT exam. I took it many times, and I’ve heard people describe the feeling as similar to a life long drought. I never quite understood how others could get so frustrated with their exam grade. If only I had done better and saved myself some time by doing the right things for my preparation, I might have had a higher grade to show for my efforts.

So what did I need to do to make sure I’d get a higher GMAT score than I’d deserve? First, I’d take the GMAT test in the morning, and then I’d study for another hour or so later in the evening. Then I’d try to remember everything I’d learned while I was taking the GMAT test, and review the topics I’d forgotten. I’d also spend time doing practice sets for all the topics I was unsure of, such as types of essay questions. That way, even if I got lost on the way to class, I’d at least have some idea of the content I needed to study.

There were some drawbacks with this approach, however. The first was that it would be tough to schedule time off from work for the night before, or the weekend before the test. That meant I couldn’t take the GMAT weekend test. I also found that my memory would start to go a bit fuzzy after doing a few problems. By the end of the night, I probably didn’t remember much of anything I’d read!

So, what did I do to get all this under control? I spent a lot more time online than I’d planned, and I found that some of the questions helped me learn things that the GMAT gave me no chance of knowing otherwise. I spent time reading good review materials and asking questions of friends. I bought some practice tests and took them to test once a week.

In addition, I bought some kind of time management tool online that really made a difference. When I’d planned my studying, I had no time to think about priorities. Now I spend time planning my study time and prioritizing everything that needs to get done. I also schedule time for any test taking that needs to get done. That’s allowed me to get the most out of each and every session.

I also switched my testing times around. Instead of testing in the morning, I’d test in the evening. And I take my GMAT test in the morning, so that I’d have time to review what I’d learned the night before. I don’t usually take a day off studying. I might come back to a couple questions I’ve forgotten completely after a night of studying.

And best of all, I’ve taken advantage of all the great tools and study methods that are available on the Internet. I use flash cards, online practice tests, and audio downloads to get my ready for every GMAT test. I’m not carrying around tons of textbooks anymore. I’m even using a computer keypad with the pads to keep track of my calculations. The result is that I spend less time working on my exam grades, and more time actually studying and earning those GMAT exam grades.

I hope that you can do the same. I had a ton of questions when I first started taking the GMAT. I wished I’d had access to resources that would have helped me get prepared much faster. Now all I’ve got to do is focus on answering the questions and answering them well. If you’d like some advice on getting prepared or tips on improving your study habits, feel free to contact me at anytime.