GMAT Practice Exams

I’ve been a little concerned with the GMAT practice test and how they have been presented recently. It was not too long ago that test prep materials were mailed out in hard copy. My concern was whether or not these materials, containing practice questions that were essentially the same as the real thing, were actually “frozen” so to speak. I assumed that they would not change much from the actual test and would not be worth the extra time. This turned out to be a big mistake. I now wonder if some test prep companies are doing a sort of catch-22, by mailing out test prep materials that are practically identical to the real thing but that can be worked on immediately after they arrive or by taking a practice exam.

When I took my last GMAT test, it literally felt like I had been doing multiple exams all night. There were several questions that I could not answer because I simply couldn’t get the right feel for the format. I also found that I struggled a bit with certain types of questions. For instance, there were some questions on sales and marketing that I found difficult to answer, simply because I couldn’t really think of any analogies or examples to help me out. Once again, I was unsuccessful at answering the questions and therefore failed the practice test.

Having taken a lot of practice tests, I know that it is extremely hard to effectively evaluate any kind of material in a few hours time. I would therefore recommend that you find a resource, like the one I mentioned above, that will allow you to work through the material at your own pace. Not only will this save you money and give you more time to enjoy the process of taking the GMAT, but it will also allow you to make corrections and/or refinements whenever necessary.

Some people are very fortunate and are able to take their GMAT preparation to the next level. There are actually a handful of websites online that are devoted solely to providing practice tests to those who have failed or are currently taking the exam for the first time. These sites are really great for those who feel they may be at a disadvantage when compared to the thousands of other people who will be taking the test. They can purchase a copy of the GMAT prep books online, learn all the tips that they need, and then immediately begin practicing everything that they need to know in order to pass. This way, they do not have to spend a great deal of time reviewing all of the material that they have already learned, and they can spend that time doing other things such as enjoying the process of taking the exam.

Others, however, do not have the luxury of taking their GMAT practice tests online. In this case, you can still get an excellent education by taking practice tests at your local library, your local bookstore, or even driving around to friends who are also taking the GMAT. After spending time in getting acquainted with the format and doing a fair amount of practice questions, the next step is to really sit down and commit to doing everything that you need to do in order to pass. The most important thing to remember about taking a GMAT practice test, however, is that it should be taken a lot sooner than later.

Once you have the GMAT practice exam that you need, it is important to spend a lot of time preparing for it. Take a look at what the test will ask you to analyze. Is it simply a matter of memorizing a bunch of formulas and being able to repeat them without having to really understand them? The GMAT will test your ability to analyze, identify patterns, and make sense of data in a variety of different ways. As long as you can do all of these things correctly, you should have no problem passing the exam.

One great way to really learn how well you are prepared is to take some time on the day before the exam to revise whatever areas of the GMAT you found that you had weak points in. You may be surprised at the gaps that you were not familiar with, and this can be used to create new study methods. Spend some time reviewing topics that were causing you to struggle in the past, and you may be surprised by how much easier the exam will be when you begin to take it after you have spent some time practicing.

There are a number of ways to study and take a GMAT practice exam, but one of the best is to utilize a course that provides an interactive guide. These courses allow you to work through the various sections of the GMAT and practice them until you feel confident enough to tackle the real exam. Most of the sites offer practice tests that cover all four sections of the GMAT, including reading, analytical writing, verbal communication, and response. They also include practice tests that cover a variety of different topics from each section of the GMAT test. Some sites also have mini-courses that you can download so that you can review the material at your own pace. If you need to review everything quickly, these mini-courses may be perfect for you.