How I Overcame A Poor Performance on the GMAT Exam in Zimbabwe

The process of taking the GMAT exam in Zimbabwe has been made easy by many companies that will take you on as a test taker. There are many reasons why students from this part of the world fail the GMAT and it is due to poor preparation. In most cases students have set up their mind to study with some predetermined set of strategies. Then they fail for the simple reason that they did not use any of these strategies when they were preparing for the exam. When taking an exam in this part of the world you need to pay special attention to what you do before taking the actual exam and how to prepare for it.

When I was preparing for the GMAT, I made the mistake of waiting until I got to the US to start studying for the exam. I started studying about a month before I had to take the exam and I was really excited. However, I soon realized that this was not going to work and I should have dedicated myself to studying when I got to the US. I spent about a month doing a lot of preparation on the GMAT topics and strategies. However, I failed the first time I took the exam.

This made me realize that I needed to make a plan for studying and I needed to stick to my plan of learning. If I was going to have success with the GMAT exam, I was going to have to invest the time in my preparation. I also realized that the GMAT is not just about knowing the subject matter. It is about taking tests and analyzing the material and answering questions correctly and you must commit yourself to studying for each section before taking a practice test.

Once I had started learning I realized that I was going to have to take a review course. I wanted to learn everything about the GMAT so I could write a review. My first priority was to learn everything I could about the format and theory behind the GMAT. This will help me when I am reviewing.

After I had read everything I could on the GMAT theory part I began to plan out my review schedule. I worked out how long each section of the exam would take to study. I also worked out how many days or weeks I had to devote to my review plan. This allowed me to plan my time and keep my study consistent with my life.

In addition to my planning of my review course I also planned out my food intake and gave up coffee. Both caffeine and smoking can affect your ability to focus. I didn’t like the taste of coffee, so I quit while I was on the exam. Alcohol also affects concentration and so I decided not to take it during my review. The combination of these factors worked to give me a higher score on my GMAT and gave me the confidence I needed to pass the exam.

The one thing I did not plan out was what I ate for breakfast. If you do not have the time to prepare a healthy breakfast, I recommend having a bagel and a large glass of milk before you leave your house. That way you won’t feel guilty about missing an hour of studying. Also, if you are feeling a bit under the weather why not pop in out of your local drug store. My assistant at the drug store knew I was feeling under the weather so she lent me some ibuprofen to take during my examination.

I found that I wasted a lot of time going over my notes because I kept forgetting important information. Once I started using index cards to take my notes, I found that my recall became better. Instead of writing my notes out in order of importance, I wrote them out from the most important things first. I found that my test study paid off when I got to sit for the final examination. I passed the GMAT with flying colors and will be taking the GMAT again in a few years.