How to Find GMAT Test Centers That Are Open

Every year, thousands of people apply to GMAT test centers that are open across the country. They are hoping to take the test and get into their preferred graduate school. But if you‘re planning on taking the exam soon, then you might be interested in some tips for choosing which test center to use. After all, it’s better to apply to the best test centers that are open now rather than sit for a test at a center that will be closed after you’ve paid for it.

It used to be that GMAT applications were mailed in along with the application. That was when it was still fast and easy. But nowadays, because so many people can log onto the internet to take their GMAT examination any time day or night, the test has moved online as well. Therefore, if you plan on applying online, here are a few tips that might help you out.

If you can, try to take your GMAT test the day before you are scheduled to begin. The reason is that GMAT testing is sometimes put on very late in the afternoon or very early morning, and that could give you a hard time in processing everything when you arrive for the examination. So, the earlier you can submit your application, the better. Of course, if there are no GMAT test centers in your area, then this may not be possible, but you will still be able to request an application through email.

Make sure that the site is secure before submitting any sensitive information. Also, don’t submit any false information about yourself. That would defeat the whole purpose of the examination, right? Don’t forget to bring your passport-and-resume photo at the same time. Otherwise, it may be a waste of time and paper. If you have forgotten anything important, write it down on a separate piece of paper so that it will be easier for you to look for it later.

Check for the GMAT test schedule and registration fees. Some centers will let you register for free, but others require you to pay a registration fee. It’s totally up to you as far as whether you want to pay for something that you might not even use. Generally speaking, most of these centers will offer free test preparation materials and guidance, though you might not be able to get everything that you need in one day.

Once you are ready, log on and download the GMAT test form. Print it out, fill it in, and submit it. Usually, you should receive a reply from the centers within 24 hours. If not, you can contact them through their customer support lines. GMAT test preparation is much more convenient this way, so it’s definitely worth the extra effort to submit your application on time.

It’s also a good idea to bring a friend or a family member with you when you take the GMAT test. You’ll need their support in many areas, so having a second pair of eyes can help you immensely. As long as you’re prepared, your friend can simply show you where you’re at and help you navigate the different sections. Be sure that they also know where the application forms and test sheets are kept before they show up!

There really isn’t a lot of down time when you take a GMAT test. Most test-takers finish in a few hours, tops. You can feel assured that the only thing slowing you down is yourself. Just remember to have fun and focus on taking the questions!