How to Find GMAT Test Dates in Ontario

When I moved out to Canada a few years ago, my first concern was finding GMAT test dates in Ontario. I was living in New York and had no idea where the exam was being held in Ontario. The problem is, there are many sites out there that charge you for advice or tests. In most cases, these sites are not affiliated with the Canadian government or a school and are instead affiliates of one or a handful of test preparation companies. Therefore, you can end up paying a pretty penny for GMAT advice or for the tests!

I had decided to take my GMAT so that I would not have to pay the ridiculous fees that I was being charged for a class. I didn’t want to have to pay anything if I didn’t have to. Plus, this was going to be such a big boost to my credentials in Canada! This is the main reason why I wanted to find out about GMAT test dates in Ontario.

I went first to the Canadian Association of College and University Counselling, or CAUAC Univeristy. They had a list of centres in Ontario that would be offering test dates. I found out that some of them did charge for this service but the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training usually gives discounts to groups that participate in the test program. That way, you could get the material needed to take the GMAT test, take it in person or both, without having to pay any kind of fee!

I went online to look for Ontario GMAT test dates. It turned out that I wasn’t the only one who had been wondering about this! There were many people in my area participating in this test. Therefore, I knew that there were going to be plenty of centres open.

I also looked online to see when each centre was offering the test and how long it would take to take it. I looked to see if I qualified to take it before I tested in my region, and the same goes for you. If you need the materials now and can’t come up with a date to take it at your local centre, then go online and take it there!

However, knowing when the test is taking place is important. This is because it helps you determine how much time you will have to study. Not all centres offer the GMAT test online, so you want to make sure you choose the one offering it where you live. You could also consider taking the GMAT test in another country if there is one nearby.

Knowing where you need to take the test is important, too. Go online to find out. You will find out about test dates, locations and times. Then you can decide where you want to go, how long you are going to need to study and how long you can study. That way, you can get all the preparation you need ahead of time so that you can get as many GMAT test dates as you can.

The best way to learn about GMAT test dates is to go online and look for tips. There are plenty of free resources available, and some are better than others. If you don’t know anyone who took the test recently, you should ask their advice. I recently learned how to take a full-length GMAT test online, and it was surprisingly simple. With the tips I got, however, I managed to breeze through my entire test in under four hours!