How to Study For the GMAT Exam in Nigeria

What’s so awful about paying Nigeria’s GMAT exam fees? That’s a question I get asked quite often, actually. I can tell you that spending a couple hundred US dollars to take my GMAT examination will save me several thousand dollars over the course of my life. I don’t need to borrow money or worry about my children’s education – I’ll just pay for it right now and go on with my life. If I were to be financially constrained because I couldn’t take an online test, that wouldn’t be as nice of an idea.

However, it’s possible to study for the GMAT in Nigeria, which is exactly what I did for the last ten years. In addition to saving a lot of money, I also got to keep my precious time to myself. The traditional classroom setting in Nigeria simply doesn’t work for everyone, and there are many people around me that feel like it. It’s true that I was late to class a couple times when I took my GMAT examination online, but for the most part my classmates were understanding and not paying much attention to me. They were busy discussing sports or their upcoming exams.

Fortunately for me, I live in the United States, which means that I could study at any time of the day or night – and I was able to schedule my time right. Unlike Nigeria, where school hours sometimes overlap during the night, the time in the US works a little differently. You can study anytime of the day, but you really shouldn’t study for more than an hour or two every night.

There’s one reason why I prefer to study online for my GMAT examination, rather than in Nigeria. In Nigeria, class attendance is often a challenge – especially in smaller cities where many students don’t have the transportation to get to class on a regular basis. As an example, I live in Abu town in Lagos state in Nigeria. The nearest major city to me is Port Harcourt in Ondoye town – roughly thirty-five miles away, and if I want to go to an exam in Abu town I have to take a taxi or a long drive.

Also, if I have to take an exam in Nigeria I don’t have immediate access to a computer or cell phone to study on. Class attendance is scheduled by the local education authority, so I have to be available at any time to take my GMAT exam. Sometimes I’m required to show up at the local education office during business hours, so I have to arrange my appointments around school hours in order to study comfortably at home.

Online study is a great solution for these kinds of students. Taking an exam and then sitting back to wait for results can be very stressful for anyone. However, if you are prepared when taking your GMAT test online, you will find it much easier. There are many websites that offer tips and tricks for studying for the exam, as well as online practice tests that will help you prepare for the real thing.

Most online resources for GMAT tuition charge nominal fees, since most institutions that offer the course also provide tutoring services. However, there are also some sites that offer free tutoring for a limited period of time. Before starting on your online study, make sure that you are prepared to commit at least three months to absorb all the material. Don’t give yourself permission to slack off!

When it comes to paying for your online GMAT study materials, there are two methods: one is through credit cards, and the other is through payment through a download link. Using credit cards is a great option, since you won’t need to pay for your materials until you’ve passed the exam. On the other hand, downloading materials from sites like Amazon requires payment, and will generally deliver your materials immediately after you pay. Either way, it is up to you which method is the most convenient for taking your GMAT exam fees in Nigeria.