How Will I Know About a GMAT Expiration Date?

I’m sure you‘ve heard about the recent GMAT exam duration change. The GMAT test was lengthened last year to allow more students to take the exam. Many students are clamoring for the opportunity to take the GMAT test in the New Year. If you’re one of those people, how should you handle the change? You’re in luck because I have some tips for you on how to take my GMAT examination online and handle the duration change.

First, if you’re an avid Studying and Planning GMAT tester, I suggest scheduling your test hours when you know you’ll be available. This means you’ll get an early bird’s eye view of when the exam duration changes will occur and can schedule you accordingly. Don’t try to guess what the GMAT examination duration will be since you’ll probably be the first to know when it’s changing.

If you find that you don’t have access to a Studying and Planning GMAT tutor during the changeover, don’t despair! There are many resources available on the Internet which can help you prepare for your GMAT test. Spend some time with friends, family, or co-workers who are avid testers and they can help you out with their information. If you find that there is no one you know who is taking the GMAT test, you may consider renting a GMAT prep course instead.

How long before the new exam date is rolled around? The official rule is that the rolling of the clock should begin two months before the exam day. Some institutes offer a fallback option if the rolling time falls behind. It’s important to be aware of when you can take my GMAT examination online so you can start studying immediately. If you aren’t sure what the exact start date is, contact the GMAT program at the school you are attending.

Are students limited to study materials for the GMAT test? As long as you have all of your study materials you can study as long as you’d like. You can’t be penalized for making last minute plans for the exam and you can’t be disqualified because you suddenly found yourself at the crack of midnight, right before the test is to begin. If you find yourself in this situation, the GMAT study guide will help by providing a solution. It will provide step-by-step recommendations to help you study the most effectively for your GMAT.

How will the test track progress throughout the year? Some institutes have begun tracking the test results over the entire academic year. Other test centers only track test results during a specific portion of the year. Consult your study guide for instructions on how your test results will be assessed over the course of the semester. Some students find this very helpful because they can review section by section to learn the topics that they need to review so that they can focus on them more efficiently.

Will I receive extra credit for prior learning areas not covered in my GMAT study guide? Some institutes will award students with additional credit based on their GMAT score, but not all. The best way to ensure you get credit for all of the concepts and skills learned on your GMAT is to take the GMAT test. Once you’ve learned everything you need to know, take the GMAT!

Is there a minimum GMAT score that qualifies me for a GMAT test date change? There’s no minimum score, but most test centers require students to have taken the GMAT test no fewer than three years ago in order to change it. It’s best to double up on class work, but this isn’t always possible for every student. For students who are taking multiple tests at once, perhaps as many as six, the GMAT test duration change might be a bit easier to handle. If a student has taken the GMAT within the past five years, however, he or she might not qualify for an extension.