Is GMAT Valid in India?

India is home to many very good Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) preparation schools. They all promise to help students achieve their global recognition as well as a seat in a reputed graduate college or university of their choice. So, what is the real deal behind all this hype and bragging about how many seats the GMAT examination will grant each year? There are actually three factors that can be used to prove whether a course is GMAT valid in India or not.

First, we should look at the format of the examination and how it is prepared. All the accredited institutes of business and commerce in India conduct the GMAT exam. It is a multiple choice test and is normally taken by freshers who have just completed their secondary education and wish to get into reputed institutions like IIM Ahmadabad or IIT Delhi. After clearing the test, a candidate can either get a certificate for passing or get a score to help him get into the desired graduate college or university. Either option is good enough to prove that an applicant’s GMAT score is valid in India.

Secondly, we should look at the test format itself and how it is conducted. The GMAT test is taken sitting inside a room with a computer, printer, test books, paper and an answering machine. There is no tutor or facilitator available to guide you through the questions. You have to study hard and get ready for the test the day in advance, clear all the questions in the test book and get results.

Thirdly, the GMAT score is not a benchmark. It is just one number and does not reflect the quality of work you have done. There are many factors involved in the GMAT test including your motivation levels, dedication to your studies and the time you want to allocate towards the exam. So the GMAT score alone is not the determinant of your eligibility for admission.

Fourthly, the GMAT score is a result of over three thousand four hundred unique questions and you will be asked to answer ninety out of a thousand. So this is not a simple test and will really test your intelligence. If you don’t know anything about arithmetic or don’t get time to understand a problem well, then you won’t manage to nail the examination. So if you are taking this test seriously, then you should get some practice on the GMAT Prep Course offered by various websites.

Fifthly, don’t waste your precious time on low quality sites that offer cheap GMAT Prep Course. They may be good but they are definitely not good enough to help you get through the examination. If you need to gain confidence before you start the examination, then you will need to spend some money and get the real deal. The GMAT prep site will help you get the maximum advantage and will provide all the details and help that you will require to make the right preparations. You can get affordable courses on the internet; just choose the right site.

Sixthly, don’t get worked up and depressed if you fail the test. If you are worried about failing, you will never manage to get the best possible results. The best way to approach the examination is to remain positive. So don’t get tense or depressed, sit in front of your computer, get your GMAT Prep Course and study properly.

Seventhly, if you get through the test without any trouble, then you have also defeated the chances of getting admitted into a reputed business school. If you have succeeded in getting through the examination, you have also passed the first test of your life. So don’t lose hope and just continue to study hard so that you are successful in the rest of the exams. Only those who succeed in getting through the test will get a better career.