Is the GMAT Exam Difficult?

Is the GMAT Exam difficult? The answer is a resounding yes. If you are a qualified GMAT applicant, then you know that GMAT preparation is the key to success in the competitive job market. In fact, many applicants fail their GMAT Exams for three reasons: they do not take the test seriously, they procrastinate, or they don’t have the right guide to guide them through the entire test. In this article I present a solution to this common problem.

I did not, and still do not, take the GMAT seriously when I applied for jobs in the field of Human Resources because I believed that it would be too difficult to ace. And I was right. The GMAT is one of the most difficult exams in all of college education. When I took my test, I knew I had a serious challenge ahead of me. So I did what any smart person would do: I saved a ton of money by taking a free practice test online and studied really hard for two months before I sat for my real GMAT exam.

I did well on my first attempt. But, I used my time management skills very well: I prioritized the tasks I had to do and systematically followed through day by day, week by week until I got it right. After I passed my second test, I was ecstatic–but a bit disappointed at the low score I got. Was my GMAT preparation really a waste of time?

Well, I am here to tell you that GMAT preparation does not have to be a waste of time! You do not need to spend thousands of dollars on GMAT test preparation software, spend countless hours studying for a test, or take yourself to a remote testing facility. You can take a practice test online, review every night with your family, and ace the GMAT. Want to know the secret to success?

In fact, the best thing to prepare for the GMAT is to forget about all those things you don’t need to take. Prioritize your tasks, and start focusing on those that are most pressing. If you are pressed for time, start planning in advance how you are going to tackle each of those upcoming tasks. Write them down, even in outlines, so that when the time comes, you will already be prepared! In this way, you will not waste your precious time on task that are not pressing!

Remember, time management is your key to success, and not the GMAT! Planning and prioritizing are the key to getting a better score on the GMAT. Spend the majority of your time on the task that is pressing, and leave the time management for last, after you get your scores!

Another great way to manage your time is to take a practice test following the guidelines set forth by the testers. This way, you will know exactly where you stand, and have a good idea of what you need to study in order to pass! There are many guides and websites that provide practice tests, and you can easily print them off, take them to the GMAT office, and then refresh your memory.

Finally, use tests to gauge your strengths, and weaknesses! This is especially important if you have not taken a GMAT test before. The tests will gauge your weaknesses and help you build your strengths. Remember, weaknesses make you a weaker applicant, but also make you better prepared for the GMAT test! Don’t let these time management pitfalls stop you from achieving your goal of becoming a Gmat winner. It will all pay off when you take your test, and walk away smiling at your achievement!