Planning to Take the GMAT Exam in Pakistan? Get Started Early

So I have been doing research on how to take my GMAT examination from a reputed GMAT test center in Pakistan. My main motive was to know if I could trust the test center and the way it has prepared me for the GMAT test. There are so many different GMAT preparation systems available today in the market and each of them claims to be the best and so I thought it is very important to first do some research and pick up the right system that suits me. In this article, I will briefly discuss on what I did to prepare for the GMAT test.

Firstly, before I decided to take my GMAT examination from a Pakistani center, I tried to know more about the process of taking the test, and I read few articles and reviews on the internet about GMAT. I also considered attending some training sessions offered by various colleges in my locality and participating in mock tests that were organized by local universities. I applied to a couple of centers in my locality and spent some time going through the GMAT test-preparation material provided to me, and then I started practicing with my friends and family. This was a very effective method to prepare myself for the GMAT test.

Secondly, I made out a plan to take my GMAT examination online from a reputed center in Pakistan. I selected three centers in my locality and performed an online test-taking campaign to get familiar with the process. I also reviewed the questions asked in each section and tried to memorize the right answer for every question. I also studied the practice questions and solved them quickly to understand the format of the actual test. By the end of my online session, I was able to grasp all the concepts and I prepared myself to take my actual GMAT examination.

My third plan was to spend time at a roadside rest house during my visit to Pakistan. I planned to spend two nights at the hotel, just near the border, and I booked the test rooms nearby. I also bought a copy of the GMAT preparation guide because I wanted to make sure that I understood the directions properly. Before the actual test date, I filled out the GMAT registration form and submitted it along with my valid passport and visa.

I started getting prepared about four months before the exam. I took a few GMAT practice tests and then sat down and practiced filling out the registration form again. When I crossed the thirty-day period, I crossed the bar and was automatically admitted into the test room. This was my first experience of sitting in a real GMAT room. It was quite nerve-wracking but I managed to clear it easily.

At the start of the test, I discovered that my preparations had paid off because I got through the first section easily. So I decided to spend another night in my hotel room and prepare for the core questions. During the second week, I managed to get through the core questions and the rest of the questions in the second week. So planning to take the GMAT test in Pakistan was a real success!

The next step in planning to take the GMAT exam in Pakistan was to go and take a mock test. I contacted the local GAT center in Pakistan and booked an exam simulation course. This allowed me to take a simulated test and review all the material that I had learnt up to the last minute.

After the test was conducted, I contacted the local GAT center in Pakistan to find out if I had passed. I was surprised to discover that I had indeed passed. I was so relieved to have cleared the test that I decided to book my next test right away. So I guess my advice is that if you’re planning to take the GMAT test in Pakistan, be prepared to take the mock test and also schedule your preparation well in advance. That way, you’ll have time to revise and get ready for the real thing.