Preparing For Your GMAT Exam in Johannesburg

I’m a native of Johannesburg, South Africa and I just recently took my GMAT exam. I started studying for it about two years ago when I was planning to get a job in the field of finance. I did quite well on my last GMAT and passed with flying colours but I wasn’t quite sure whether I wanted to spend all that time studying or hire someone to help me with my preparation. When I got my actual GMAT results, I was quite disappointed. They were not what I had expected and I decided to take some time off from studying and focus on other things.

I have now successfully completed all four sections of the GMAT. I’m now working towards becoming a Certified Financial Planner so that I can start helping more people achieve their dreams of becoming financially stable. I still feel that I haven’t gotten as much experience and education as I needed. It is a whole new world when you‘re taking that first GMAT. The study materials are really different and you need to be able to absorb them quickly to get the most out of the class. You can’t simply read your materials once and expect to be able to pass them easily.

My best advice to anyone who is preparing to take the GMAT is to spend as much time as you can with practice tests from accredited sources. You can find those online for free. The biggest advantage to doing so is that you can review all sections of the exam and work on weak points individually instead of focusing on the entire test. You can also work on your speed, attention and concentration with practice tests rather than waiting until the real thing. Once you’ve gotten through all the practice tests, the last thing you need is to find yourself getting nervous about taking the real thing!

There are a couple different options for learning how to take my GMAT examination online. The first is to pay for a course from a recognized source like GMAT Coach or TestDaF. These courses are good and will definitely prepare you, but there is an inherent problem with them. They typically cost hundreds of dollars and are not flexible in terms of pricing. If you were hoping to save money on the GMAT test, these courses probably won’t help you.

You may also decide to study from home using software to take your GMAT examination. The advantage to this is that you only have to purchase the software and study from your own computer. Obviously this also limits the amount of time you’ll have available to study. You may have a hard time studying this way, since most people focus on long sessions and get too comfortable and end up with little time for individual questions.

A third option for how to take my GMAT examination online is to pay for a service like TestDaF to give you practice tests and homework. The major drawback to this is that the service can only give you one or two mock exams per day. Once the program stops running the GMAT test will become useless. This is a problem when taking the GMAT in the middle of the summer or any other time when you might be cramming for exams. So if this is your option, be sure to use it sparingly and only when you need to.

With all three methods outlined above, you still need to practice what you learn. The best way to get practice right now is to access a free online practice GMAT flashcard site. Spend some time searching for practice tests that look like real exams. Once you find some that are worth taking, bookmark them and come back to them at a later time.

Hopefully this article has given you a few ways to prepare for your GMAT examination in Johannesburg. I know it’s tough, but you have to get through it. Good luck on your examination!