Three Things To Look For When Checking Out GMAT Test Dates

With the GMAT test dates in Toronto, I’ve heard a lot of people say “but I’ve got my GMA from last year and I know I’ll take it in November”. That’s fine if that’s all you need to do. But most of us need some kind of preparation for when we actually test.

The first thing to do before you start preparing for a test is to set some goals. That means writing down what you want to get out of taking the test, and when you want to do it. Then you can start doing some planning around those goals.

The first step is actually choosing a great time to take the exam. Some prefer the fall, but winter is also a popular time. Fall gives students a better chance to deal with all the issues arising in school (high school science projects, being suspended from sports, etc), and winter gives them a longer time frame to prepare. If you don’t mind the cold, or if your family is not quite ready for a long winter, that’s great. But if your family is used to warm weather in the fall, you could have a problem taking the GMAT in the winter months. So get some homework done.

One way to deal with this problem is to either go to a local library (if you live near one) or an online testing site. At a library you can usually get access to test dates, test tips, GMAT prep books, and tutors. And online sites give you all these things plus more.

The next issue is finding test dates online. Most of the big test sites like GMAT, Plus, Verbal, and The GMAT Battery will have a list of test dates available. It might be a full year before you can take the test. You may have to wait until the following semester to take it. So if you are in high school right now, you should definitely start looking around for test dates.

One issue with online tests is the lack of human interaction. When you take a simulated GMAT test you will be able to ask questions, receive feedback, and interact with other takers. That’s the whole purpose of a simulated test. So when you sit down to take a real GMAT test without having that interaction, it can really make the test feel longer.

There is also the issue of having to schedule your time for a GMAT test. Many online test sites will let you take the test whenever you want. But if you are taking a simulated GMAT test, then you have to schedule time in your schedule to take it.

So there is one question left. Is it worth taking an online GMAT test? In my opinion the answer is that you never know how long it’s going to take. If you are able to schedule your time without any problem then I would highly recommend that you take it. You’ll save a lot of money and you’ll get the level of education that you deserve.

What are some of the other benefits of taking an online GMAT test? Well, for one you won’t have to drive all over town trying to find a good testing site. Since all of the testing is done online, you can sit back at home, plug in your information, and have all of your questions answered when you’re ready. There is also no need to pay for anything and everything is handled online.

However, it doesn’t mean that an online GMAT test is going to be perfect. It is important that you choose a good GMAT test site. You can do this by comparing the test site ratings on the different test sites that are available. Some of the things to consider when choosing a GMAT test site include:

Time Commitment: How much time do you have to devote to taking the GMAT test each day? If you are pressed for time and don’t have much time to dedicate to a test, then a site that offers test dates just isn’t going to be ideal. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because a site has less time commitment that the test will be easier. Remember, each question must be answered within a specific amount of time in order to move forward. So if you have a tight schedule, don’t take the GMAT test online in the early morning when you have only had a couple hours or minutes to spare.

Online Test Formats: Make sure that the test site you’re looking at offers a variety of different test format options. This way, you can pick the format that’s right for you, whether it’s multiple choice to short answer or the long answer. While some people prefer the multiple choice format, others don’t enjoy answering questions with all of the multiple choice questions. And don’t forget, even though you’re taking the GMAT test online, you’re still going to have to take the time to go to a real GMAT practice test!