Tips For Preparation for the GMAT

Are you in need of GMAT prep training for Los Angeles, California? The big question is, “How long will it take?” That’s a good question and one that I get asked a lot. The reality is that every person will have their own unique experience with the GMAT. So the best advice that I can offer any student taking their first GMAT is this:

I was one of the lucky few who had my entire test prep package sent to my house on an overnight express flight. I had about three weeks to review and learn what I needed to know. I took about two weeks to review the material and do all the practice tests. During that time I had no problems answering questions on the test and scoring above the national average. I definitely recommend getting your entire GMAT preparation package sent to you as soon as possible.

But have you checked out the test dates yet? The sooner you start reviewing the test dates, the better prepared you will be when it comes time for your test. And the best way to prepare for your GMAT examination is to do as much testing as you can before hand.

Of course, sometimes life gets in the way and you have to cancel a class or reschedule things. You should make sure to send your test materials along with your application. If you are applying for private tutoring, make sure you get in contact with the tutor well in advance. Make sure they are sending you the test book right before the test. Do not wait until the last minute to make sure they have sent it. If you know they won’t be sending it until the next day, you might want to consider another tutor.

Most of the time, the reason you have to cancel your classes or reschedule is because you got sick or had a family emergency, etc. But you should also consider this possibility if you have enough time to prepare before the test. I know for a fact that having an accurate and detailed GMAT study schedule will greatly help in your preparations. You should have time to look through every page of your guidebook. And you should get at least one hour a day to devote to studying for the GMAT.

So how can you use your spare time to get ready for your test? The key here is to set some goals for yourself. I know this might seem like common sense, but many people let their goals get too unfocused. For example, let’s say you set some goals such as learning one specific subject for every test you take. You might never meet these goals, because life will throw you so many obstacles and distractions.

Another key thing you need to do is to determine your optimum study hours. This is the best way to estimate how many test study hours you can get done. I recommend setting up a target to get done and then sticking to it by reviewing and taking notes on the times when you met or exceeded the target.

The last thing you need to do is to create an accurate GMAT study schedule. I know that sounds simple, but I see students make huge mistakes by creating totally random schedules which rarely work. By using the proper GMAT study schedule, you can estimate how many hours you can study per day. You will also know the quality of that study material. And you can make sure your study schedule does not encourage you to take shortcuts or to skip parts of the book.