What You Need to Know About the GMAT Exam Application Form

The GMAT exam has always been one of the most dreaded entrance exams in the entire world. I used to dread it and make preparations for it every year. A few years back I decided to take my GMAT examination online and apply for admission without going through the pain of filling out applications and sending them in by hand. Here is how I applied for and took my first shot at the GMAT exam.

The first thing I did was to search around for different websites which allowed me to take my GMAT examination online. After a bit of research I was able to find a site that claimed to allow me to take my examination right from my computer. Since I was willing to take the test on a whim, this seemed like the best option for me.

After logging into the website, I noticed that it was pretty easy to sign up. My first step was to provide my basic information such as my name, address, email address and so on. Then I got to choose which test I wanted to take. I chose the Law School Admission Test, the Math Test, and the Reading Test.

Once I made my choices, I just completed the application form. As soon as the system told me that I qualified for admission, I just clicked on the submit button. After a few minutes the system sent an email with my acceptance. As soon as I hit the submit button, I could already see my scores! They were sent to my email within a few minutes. All I had to do was to read through the entire page and answer any questions I might have.

Now, before I go any further I want to clear something up. Yes, you can take my GMAT examination online. But what I meant is that you can take my exam after you’ve decided on the college to attend. If you want to take it right after you’ve decided on your college, you need to make sure that you’re still in the application process. Otherwise, you won’t be able to complete the application.

In addition to having to fill out the application form, you also need to take a series of tests. You’re allowed to take only one per year. So if you’re planning on taking the GMAT test in January, you need to complete the application by then. If you apply right after you’ve decided on your college, then you have a little more time. Usually around 2 months. But I don’t really recommend taking it earlier than this because you will have more time to formulate the strategies you need to take the GMAT exam and study effectively so that you can pass it easily.

The GMAT is a computer-based test, not a verbal or written exam. This means that you cannot memorize every question. Memorizing the correct answer is extremely important, but not as much as knowing how to analyze the data you gather in the test. Studying and practicing will get you prepared for the verbal section of the exam, but the analytical part comes from a combination of analysis and thinking.

The GMAT test is given at test centers in the US, UK, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. There are hundreds of centers for the exam. However, because the exam is offered electronically, you need to fill out your application form in each center separately. It’s really easy to find out where you need to go, but it can be confusing narrowing down the choices.