What You Should Know About GMAT Test Dates

What GMAT test dates can I take? GMAT test dates are set to begin at various times in the fall of each year. Some schools and test preparation services offer a full year of testing, while others offer two or more test periods. To find out what the dates are for your specific testing, contact your local testing facility, or visit their web site directly. They will be able to give you details on when you can begin taking your official GMAT examination.

Where can I find out when my GMAT score is due? Your score is mailed to you within a few weeks after taking the exam. Some schools and/or tutoring services mail out paper test scores three to five months after they’ve been administered. You can order an official score report from each facility that offers the exam.

What happens if I miss a GMAT examination? In most cases, a missed GMAT examination does not have a major effect on one’s overall score. You may, however, need to take it again. Each time you take the examination, you must wait a minimum of one calendar month before scheduling another attempt. You must also notify the local testing center of any circumstances that might affect your eligibility for taking additional tests.

When do I take the test? You can schedule a test at any point during the year, when you feel ready. However, most local centers recommend that students take the examination in the spring of the academic year. This is because it is the school year, and students typically have high expectations for success on this type of exam. The testing schedule is posted on the local Center’s website.

Who can I contact if I need more help with GMAT test dates? Your local Center should be able to give you the information that you need to schedule a test. You can contact your local Center even if you are taking the exam online.

How are test dates determined? Usually, a test date will be assigned to each student once they have been accepted to a program at a local Center. The test date is based on when classes begin in that particular semester. However, if a student has moved away from their local area, or has an unusual commute, they may be able to take the exam at any time. Some local centers also offer test-taking programs in which students take the exam at any time on a specific date in the local area.

How can I take my GMAT examination online? The GMAT is a complex test that takes a great deal of time to prepare for. Students who take the GMAT online face the same scheduling and testing issues that local applicants face. In order to effectively take the GMAT online, a student needs to find a legitimate website that offers a tutorial for taking the exam. Once a student has found an effective tutorial site, they should register for the examination.

How do I find out about GMAT test dates? Local GMAT test dates are posted on the main website for each Center. You can also contact the local centers’ test dates department directly to find out if there is an upcoming test date. In some cases, local test dates will be posted on the GMAT website or sent to students through email. Local centers are usually very flexible and will make accommodations for any request by a potential candidate.

How do I register for the GMAT test? A typical GMAT test schedule will contain an application form that applicants must complete and return to the testing site. After submitting the application, a local center will send an official application along with the GMAT test dates.

Is it possible to commute to a test site? Absolutely! In most cases, test centers accept walk-in applicants. However, those who have other commitments, such as children or a full-time job may have to arrange transportation to and from the testing site.

Can I take the GMAT online and study from home? If a person has access to a computer, they can complete all of the necessary GMAT preparation work at home. This includes the test itself, practice questions and practice tests. However, for those who are unable to perform well on their GMAT test due to timing problems, they may have difficulty reviewing and answering questions online. Test study guides may be helpful for individuals who prefer to study in their free time. It is a good idea to find a guide that includes sections on each test type.