When Is the Last Minute GMAT Registration Date Set?

The last day of registration to take the GMAT exam is fast approaching. I know because I am preparing for it. This is not my first or second GMAT examination. I took the MCITP (Mathematics, Computer Organization and Pattern Analysis) examination at the University of Cambridge, UK, last March, and I am also in the process of taking the GREP (Graduate Record Examination Program) examination from Cambridge University.

These two examinations are nationally-acclaimed and they come highly recommended. I should know, having been a student of the University of Cambridge’s computer science department for three years. So I have some deep and abiding concerns about these two tests. I want to take my GMAT examination online very quickly, but I am afraid I cannot do it by myself – I need to hire someone to do it for me.

I was unable to manage the registration process myself because I lost my data (emails and password) when I registered for the GMAT last March. I also neglected to update my registration when the registration window for the GREP opened last October. It seems that even students who forget to register for the GMAT examination in time end up failing the GREP examination as well. Well, at least I will get over the anxiety of having to take both of these tests.

My biggest fear is being unable to access the GMAT website during the last date for registration. I will end up either failing the exam or wasting a lot of time trying to find an answer to a problem on the GMAT website. I hate wasting time, and I really want to get this whole thing over with as soon as possible. The last minute scare is already driving me nuts! Luckily, there is help.

The very next day after my last minute panic attack I noticed that I was able to register for the GMAT online. It really helps to know that I have a support system in place once I am not in front of my computer. I spent some time getting over my panic attacks while registering for the exam. This helped me focus on getting ready for my GMAT last minute registration. Once I got over that I was able to relax, keep my cool, and make sure I did not procrastinate my preparation.

After my test study schedule was full, I started the process of actually registering for the GMAT. The GMAT website did not give me any help, and I had to contact the testing center to ask about their test schedule. They also did not have a list of test study books for reference. I ended up buying a couple of books that I could not find on their website, but they definitely helped me out a lot.

I ended up taking the GMAT test in January of this year. It was not only the most important exam of my life, but it was also the easiest exam I have taken yet. For me, getting through the GMAT last minute was the best way to get prepared for the GMAT test. I was able to use my time effectively by taking the GMAT test and getting all the information I needed.

If you are having a last minute registration and do not have a support group, I would suggest getting your GMAT test study book and studying as a family. This way you can all absorb the material at the same speed and make no mistakes. The time you save in family study groups will be well worth it when the time comes when you have to go back and take the GMAT test. Plus, your friends will have just as much fun taking the test with you. Also, you will have a little extra time to devote to your other social activities, making this an even better idea!