Which Colleges Accept GMAT in India?

It should not come to anybody’s surprise that the number of people taking the GMAT test has been on a rise these days. People are more interested in getting into a Master’s program in business or in any other field where their proficiency with GMAT is essential. However, many people find it difficult to know which colleges in India accept GMAT. This is because this examination is quite a difficult one and a lot of people tend to fail in it.

I too had the same problem when I was preparing for the GMAT test. I did manage to get in to a few of the reputed colleges in India offering the online version of the exam, but the rest of the colleges did not have an online presence at all. You might think that the number of people opting for GMAT is increasing simply because of the availability of this test through the internet, but the real reason for the surge in popularity is because there are plenty of schools that now offer the GMAT test online.

The basic difference between the online version and the traditional test is the format of the questions that are asked. The test that is being administered online is actually quite similar to that of the traditional GMAT, except that it is being administered online. But there are some very big differences in the way the questions are asked. The first difference is that of how the questions are scored. In case of a traditional GMAT test, the taker can expect his answer to be right if he chooses the correct answer, whereas in case of an online GMAT test, the taker has the responsibility of guessing the correct answer.

Hence, it is obvious that the quality of question and answer is going to be quite different in both the cases. It is my experience that the best quality test takers in India prefer to take the GMAT examination online. The reason for this is not really known, but I would like to mention two factors. The first one relates to the time factor – the online tests take a lot longer time to complete. On the other hand, the second factor relates to the power of the online test – the score is calculated purely on the power of the answers that you give, so it goes without saying that the more you know, the better your chances are of scoring better.

There are various reasons why people take my GMAT examination online. One would be the sheer convenience of it. In today’s busy life, most people find it difficult to spend the time necessary to attend a regular class. But if you want to be well prepared for the GMAT test, it makes sense to take the GMAT test online.

Another advantage of taking the GMAT online is the fact that it costs nothing at all. Yes! No institution will charge you anything when you take the test. The reason why they don’t is because they make huge money from people who want to take their GMAT tests. They figure the cost of running a test center is far less than the money they would make from letting somebody take the exam.

Finally, I should mention that there are several sites on the World Wide Web that allow you to request free test samples. These samples are typically used by test-takers to gauge their strength of ability and also to check their speed and efficiency. So it can definitely pay to get a good online practice before you actually take the GMAT.

And finally, I should mention that the best advice I can give you is to take the GMAT only once in your life. Don’t try to tackle the exam again two years later. It is pointless. Instead, focus on getting a good college degree, which will certainly help you pass the GMAT. So go out there, find the college that is right for you, and then just have fun taking the GMAT.