Getting a Free GMAT Exam in Pakistan

When I moved to Pakistan a few years ago, I did not have much money. I had to save for at least a year to get an education here. That is how I came to learn about the GMAT test fee in Pakistan. I was not very interested in taking the GMAT test and so I contacted the first company that I saw that offered free test preparation. I ended up getting charged a pretty high fee by that company.

My friends recommended that I try an online test preparation program. I decided to give it a try so that I can take the GMAT exam in Pakistan with my whole family. I was pretty excited about the whole thing.

I signed up for a couple of different services. I figured that if one of them was good enough, I might as well go with the second one. This is when I really learned about the fees involved. They asked for my credit card number, which I thought was okay since I had paid for the service online.

But then I started to wonder why I had signed up for a test fee to begin with. Well, they told me that there are a lot of people who do not know that they can take the GMAT test for free. Everyone just assumes that you have to pay this fee to take the GMAT. So, they have a whole department just dedicated to collecting this GMAT test fee. And I get the feeling that this is just another ploy for them to make some quick cash. They wanted to charge everyone $99 for a full course on taking the GMAT!

I stopped by the local library and looked up the GMAT test fee in Pakistan. The first thing that I saw was that it was very high. Then I noticed that it was an exam that I would be able to take online! I quickly put the entire situation together and quickly started looking for ways to get a free GMAT exam in Pakistan.

I went over to the library again and started searching for a reliable site that could provide me with a copy of the GMAT test. I soon found out that there were actually quite a few sites that offered to let me take my exam for free. These sites are legit and I was glad that I found them.

What I like about these sites is that they all provide you with the exact same resources that I was getting from the tutor in Pakistan. They are all pretty much the same. I also like that they are all pretty much similar in price. Once you get all of the materials that you need, you will only need to pay the small amount of money that they request of you once you have gotten them. This is definitely a great deal.

After I got all of my materials, I started doing practice questions and I managed to get through a number of questions within about a week. Then I went back to the library and checked out a few more materials. All of the sudden, I managed to get through four more questions in about two weeks time. In a matter of two months I managed to get through all of the questions in the entire section in under a week. In less than a year I passed and became the highest ranked person in my area for the GMAT test. Now I will be attending a few more interviews soon but for the meantime all I have to do is keep taking my GMAT test fee in Pakistan.