GMAT Test Dates – Are You Ready?

GMAT test dates can be hard to manage. The official date of the test is set by the College Board and will be in place for all applicants for the coming academic year. In years past, test dates often vary depending on when you take the test and where you take it in your various locales. Local scheduling conflicts were not uncommon during this time. I remember going to a local Starbucks and having to wait over an hour for the test to begin. I can vividly recall standing in line and hearing the manager tell students in the store that they were late to take the test.

So how can you better manage your GMAT test dates? Well, there are a few different options available. Some people like to book their test conveniently online through sites such as TestDaF. Others prefer to do their testing through local community colleges or universities.

A third option that many students choose is to simply schedule a test at a time that makes sense to them. For example, if a student is taking their GMAT test in early May, they may want to schedule it to start around that time. If they are taking the test in the middle of September, they may want to take it a bit later in the fall. Perhaps a student is just getting into the college scene and wants to take a more relaxed test around mid-fall. No matter what the motivation behind it, however, it is important to plan around the set GMAT test dates.

The first option for those who want to take their GMAT tests in a convenient manner is to simply schedule a test at a local community college. This works great for most students since community college test schedules tend to be fairly random. In addition, many community colleges offer free tutoring at various times on a rotating basis. This means that a prospective student can take their GMAT test at a time when they feel comfortable, without having to worry about paying for it.

Unfortunately, this option does have one major drawback. Generally speaking, test dates will tend to be fairly unpredictable, even within a local community college. This is because community colleges are used to offering a great variety of scheduling options, and because a lot of people do have a tendency to come in on a weekend. That being said, there is nothing wrong with trying to take your GMAT test on a weekend, if this works well for you.

The second option for those seeking convenient GMAT test dates is to simply get a hold of the GMAT test dates at the local community college. Of course, this option will work better for those who are taking their GMAT test during the summer months. But it has its problems as well. If you are trying to schedule a GMAT test in the dead of winter, the local community college may be completely booked. In addition, some local community colleges will not offer test prep materials, which is helpful.

The third option, and probably the best choice, is to book an exam online with a reputable test preparation company. With a top quality test prep program, you can find a local community college offering an exam for your GMAT on a night that works well for you, whether it is evening afternoon, or weekend. And unlike with the local community college, you can schedule the test at a time when you have some free time available. You can also take the GMAT test early morning, or in the afternoon, whenever you are ready. What’s more is that you can get the GMAT test prep materials with your personal computer, rather than waiting for them to arrive at your local community college.

So there you have it. There really is no easy answer to the question “wheatgrass GMAT test dates.” Local community colleges will generally allow you to take a test, however you might need to purchase a test-taking guide to access their resources. Online test prep services can allow you to take a practice test immediately after booking it, and you will have immediate access to a GMAT test. Make sure that you are well prepared by getting a good GMAT practice test and scheduling an exam as soon as possible.