Is GMAT Necessary For Canada?

Every year, hundreds if not thousands of people from Canada move to take the GMAT examination. These people have a lot of questions that they want answered and need a great test preparation. They have also set goals for their career so that they can get in the best possible business school that they qualify for. So it’s no surprise that a great number of them are wondering if they need to take the GMAT in Canada. The answer to that is no and yes.

Everyone has heard about taking the GMAT and how it will determine if you have what it takes to get into a good business school. However, not everyone knows that all of the major banks, brokerage firms, and accounting firms in Canada use the GMAT as part of the admissions process. Students can take the GMAT and then immediately take the exam at a local Toronto or Vancouver Test Centre. Students who have already been accepted into the various business schools around Canada will still be able to take the GMAT and their results will count towards their grade point average (GPA).

Students are not required to take the GMAT on campus in Canada. A great majority of students take the exam online with an accredited testing provider. Students who wish to take the exam online should ensure that they find an accredited testing site by reading the details about the site on the home page of the site.

Many online students take the GMAT because they like the challenge and want to improve their score. Others take the exam because they have been accepted into a specific business school and they need to take the GMAT before they are allowed to enroll. Online students will find that the costs to take the GMAT online is often a lot less than the costs of a traditional classroom setting. Online test preparation costs about the same as having a tutor and attending a local class, but online tutors are very quick to respond.

Students who want to take the exam but cannot time their evenings and weekends well enough to fit the GMAT into their schedule will be happy to know that they will still be able to take the exam at any time of the day or night. They do have to remember that they will not be grading the exam themselves. If they have questions or concerns about a topic they need to ask their instructor or their online tutor immediately. Otherwise they will miss out on the last portion of the test, which could have a great effect on their grade.

There are some things that the GMAT needs to address that can not be addressed by a simple online course. The first section of the exam requires that the student understand basic algebra. Students who have taken and passed the GMAT can not automatically assume that they will be able to solve complex problems in an easy manner. However, once they have learned the essential algebra skills they will be able to answer most of the algebra questions. Having the ability to effectively solve problems is one of the biggest strengths of the GMAT.

The GMAT is a multiple choice exam and students will need to choose from multiple options. The format of the exam is a little different for each test site, so students need to take the time to research the options that they have available. Once they have a good understanding of what options they have on each test site, they should create their own personal list of questions that they feel they are qualified to answer. There are many sites online where they can find answers to their questions.

While the GMAT might seem like a waste of time for those students who had no intention of taking the test in the first place, those same people may find that the time spent answering test questions is a great refresher session. Most students also find that they get an immediate boost when they see others doing well on the test. It is impossible to predict how well you will do on a test until you take it, but answering questions on your own is a great way to prepare for a test the night before it takes place. Preparing for GMAT test day is also a good idea because it gives the students some idea of where they stand and helps them to determine whether they need to make any changes to their preparations.